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The human body passes through periods of pain. Rapid and correct treatment is the key to returning our body to its normal state.



Beginning is half the battle. Proper evaluation is the start towards a fast and complete recovery. The therapist collect all the necessary information in order to conclude on what has caused the injury. Quite often the source of the problem doesn’t coincide with the area the pain stems from. The overall observation and evaluation of […]



From time to time the human body goes through periods of pain. Almost everyone has gone or will go through a cervical or lumbar spine crisis. Our knee might hurt and our shoulders might face difficulty in performing some movements. Throughout our life we will hear the words hernia, protrusion, degeneration, stenosis, displacement and tendonitis. […]



The aim of Physio Rehabilitation is to help the patient return to his everyday life after an injury or a medical issue. Rehabilitation has a start and an ending. This means we need a plan and strategy so that we get the results we want. The body system itself starts dealing with the musculoskeletal issues […]

Θεραπευτική Μάλαξη

Therapeutic Massage

The human body consists of 60% water. The brain and heart consist of 73% fluids and the lungs of 83% water. Skin has 64% water, muscles 79%;even bones have water. We, therefore, are a big aquarium, where recycling and replenishing of fluids are of vital importance to our bodies. The body’s abilities are so vast […]

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