Cross Training

Lack of exercise is one of the main factors that affect our quality of life. The human body alike all living organisms lives through movement. Let’s have an overall view of the movement part.

A farmer who works mainly with his hand all year round, has a totally different physical life than someone who works standing or sitting for hours in front of a desktop and lives in the city. Observing those two we will see that the body that moves more(the farmer’s) will complain less that this of the man of the city. A well developed musculoskeletal system can easily deal with any kind of needs in contrast with an atrophic body that acts as a break to our wants and a source of constant pain.

Our musculoskeletal system has the same needs for attention and care as the rest of our body. Exercise is an essential part of life. As much care we give to the parts of our bodies that we can see with a naked eye, we should be giving to the ones that we can’t in order to help it give us a life of quality.