From time to time the human body goes through periods of pain. Almost everyone has gone or will go through a cervical or lumbar spine crisis. Our knee might hurt and our shoulders might face difficulty in performing some movements. Throughout our life we will hear the words hernia, protrusion, degeneration, stenosis, displacement and tendonitis. Most times pain is the symptom that prevents us from performing a move. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it is always right to keep still when in pain. Modern everyday life has …us feeling prone to musculoskeletal pain, either due to sedentary life or due to wrong approach on exercise. This often takes us to a physiotherapist. Through evolution, knowledge, technology and research, the physiotherapist finds the causes of every problem in our body and deals with them accordingly. The human body has a specific range of movement. Wherever there is an orbit, going out of orbit can happen any time and as a result an unpleasant painful symptom will occur. When the normal human body activity goes out of orbit, there is instability through all our movements and senses. Quick and proper approach is the key to bringing our body back to its orbit.

We live in days in which we have the luxury and chance to give our body what it deserves and live with quality.